Welcome to my free collection of tools navigation and mapping tools and other online boating services I've developed.

Chartplotter is a chart plotting tool for planning and sharing sailing trips using Google Maps. Enter waypoints by simply clicking on the map or by entering latitude/longitude coordinates.

Chartlayer is a tool for overlaying images on a Google Map to create a geo-referenced map for use with chart plotting tools, such as OpenCPN. Simply enter a URL for any chart image, then adjust the bounding box so the chart is aligned on the map.

Marine Radio Frequency Quiz is a tool for learning marine radio frequencies, which I wrote when studying for the Marine Radio Operator's Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP).

Wind pie is a simple tool for making pie charts of wind directions. For example, the wind pie at right denotes protection from winds N through SW.

Anchorage Finder is quick way to look up information I've published on South Australian anchorages.

KML Tools is a collection of geospatial tools for generating and converting KML and DXF files used by Google Earth, Google Maps and CAD tools such as Sketchup.


  1. Great work Alan. Is there a way to import the full list of Anchorages from the SA Anchorages Finder as a KML into Google Maps?


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