Boats and Pizza

Recently, I had lunch at my yacht club and I was delighted to find a new range of pizzas named after members’ boats. One was named after Arriba, so I decided to celebrate with a little poem, “Boats and Pizza”:

A boat has a hull that floats.
A pizza, a base that bloats. 
A boat keeps you from sinking.
A pizza, from shrinking. 
A boat is made to navigate.
A pizza, to serve on a plate. 
A boat is enjoyed by sea. 
A pizza is best spicy.
A boat can cruise or race.
A pizza, ooze all over your face. 
A boat goes with a sail.
A pizza, with an ale. 
A boat plies on the seas.
A pizza piles on the cheese. 
A boat turns with a wheel.
A pizza, with a peel. 
A boat is best when a yacht.
A pizza, when hot. 
A boat in the water is happy.
A watery pizza is crappy.
A boat conveys us to safety.
A pizza, to satiety. 
A boat leaves a wake.
A pizza, you bake. 
on a boat!