Arriba Anniversary

Arriba is celebrating 2 anniversaries. Firstly, it’s 5 years ago today since I bought Arriba. Secondly, it’s just over 2 years since I started this blog. How time flies when you’re having fun - and sailing is fun. Blogging is pretty fun too.

Some sailing stats:
  • Distance sailed: several thousand nautical miles (I need my log book to calculate this)
  • Longest trip: Airlie Beach, QLD to Sydney, NSW, Australia (~1000 miles)
  • Shortest trip: Edithburgh, SA to Troubridge Island, SA (4 miles)
  • Smallest crew: 1 (me)
  • Largest crew: 9
  • Kangaroo Island sailing trips: 12 in total (6 crewed, 6 solo)
  • Wineries visited by boat: 2 (Bay of Shoals and Sunset Winery)
Some blog stats:
  • Number of blog posts: 42
  • Most popular blog post: Making charts for use with OpenCPN
  • First 30 days (Oct 2012): 414 page views
  • Last 30 days (Oct/Nov 2014): 2,534 page views 
So thank you for following my blog!